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Dual Detox Foot Spa Machine

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We are Best seller of Dual Detox Foot Spa Machine. Detoxify Body, Remove Toxins. We are providing a huge array of Toxin Removing Machine. In this process a person immerses feet in warm water using toxin machine double,while the Ion generator produces millions of positive and negative ions. These Ions flow through the body and then are supposed to attach themselves to oppositely charged toxins and draw them out of the body through the soles of the feet. Toxin Machine Double is a professional detoxification system which helps with total body purification. Ions are molecules that in most cases carry either a positive or negative charge. When the machine is turned on ions are created in the water. When the unit is set to positive, the current is directed to the positive pole, which produces more negative ions in the water inducing a positive polarity that generates a negative ion flow which raises blood pH from acidic toward alkaline in scientific studies. Competitive Advantages of the product Reduces pain . Enhances body detoxification. Deactivates yeas, fungus and viruses. Stimulates the immune system. Promotes weight loss. Helps improve blood circulation in the body. Relieves tension . Reduces inflammation Improves the bodies oxygen levels. Helps reduce acne, wrinkles and other skin problems

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